The support of every concerned person is vital to the protection of land and the survival of species. This will be part of our children’s heritage.

Keep Conservation Foundation is committed to bringing educational programs to children and the elderly. Our programs have provided information about birds, conservation issues and the natural world directly to local classrooms and variety of venues hosted by community groups. Many inner city children have benefited from our outreach and have had their first birdwatching experience with Keep Conservation.

Our trained volunteers present information such as photographs and other materials to audience members in advance of guided field trips to local parks and preserves thereby enabling the groups we serve to know what to look for. Some of the skills that we teach in the classroom include the proper use of binoculars, how to identify birds, butterflies and other mammals and amphibians in nature. We provide our groups with loan binoculars that Keep has raised funds to purchase so that all can have a closer look.

Keep Conservation sponsors lectures and brings experts to share their experience and knowledge with the groups we hope involve and interest in the pleasures and importance of knowing and protecting the natural habitats around them.